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ROYAL WULFF Подлесок (флюорокарбон) Triangle Taper

Описание Фото Цена Количество
Цвет: 9 foot

1 179.00 руб.

Цвет: 9 foot

1 179.00 руб.

Ultra-clear, pure 100% fluorocarbon extruded into a knotless,tapered leader that transfers casting energy seamlessly and delivers the fly without announcing itself. Here's why: our special fluorocarbon has a refractive index that's nearly identical to that of water-- making it almost invisible in water. Plus, it doesn't absorb water and is resistant to UV rays, and it's more abrasion resistant than nylon. This all adds up to a leader that stands up over time -- even though it doesn't stand out! Complete your system with Triangle Taper leaders -- and give yourself a clear advantage! All leaders, 9' long.

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